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Some residents of three adjacent villages on Wakenaam Island are complaining that a man went to their homes on Saturday last and accused them of stealing electricity.The man who has been described as tall, dark and slim and of African descent wore a khaki coloured shirt and black pants. He also sported a cap.On his shirt was what appeared to be a Guyana Power and Light (GPL) ID Card. The man also had a book like a ledger and a shoulder haversack.The man went from house to house of his choice and told the residents that he was sent by GPL to check if they were stealing electricity.He then requested the last GPL bill and then went to the meter of the houses he visited. He then would either tell them that their bills were not in order or that something was wrong.At the home of a pandit at Free and Easy Village, the man was offered drink and cake. He then examined the bill then asked to see the fuse box. He reportedly told the pandit that the ground wire of his meter was improperly connected and as a result his meter was spinning fast. The pandit refused to comment further on the issue.At another home,Wholesale Jerseys China, the man found a housewife alone as he did in most homes and requested the recent light bill. The woman went into the house for the bill but returned to find the man peeking into her house and at the same time pretending to be reading the meter.At a liquor restaurant at Meerzorg, the bogus GPL employee accused the proprietress of stealing electricity. An argument then ensued and the woman telephoned her husband to come home. Before the husband could come home the man had left the area.This newspaper was told that the man opened at least one of the meters of a residence.There are reports that the man demanded money from some residents whom he accused of stealing electricity.The man moved by foot through the villages and reportedly left the island by mid-afternoon.When contacted, Guyana Power and Light Company (GPL) denied sending anyone on such an exercise.It also admitted that a disconnection exercise was being conducted on the island. The power company has promised to launch an investigation.Residents stated that the man who went through the villages was not the same person who was conducting the disconnection exercise.Police at Wakenaam only learnt of the matter when this newspaper asked if anyone had reported.*********************************Linden Hospital staff gear for strike over gratuityPeeved nurses and auxiliary staff of the Linden Hospital Complex are adamant that they are prepared to down tools from today, if they do not get word from the Ministry of Health regarding their gratuity which is normally paid out in August.At a meeting held yesterday with Regional representative of the Guyana Public Service union (GPSU), Maurice Butters, the perturbed employees made it clear that they are not prepared to accept their gratuity in September.The information on the scheduled payment in September was only passed on by Administration Services Manager,China Jerseys, Trevor Vangenderen, on Monday.Staff at the hospital who reportedly work on a contractual basis, said that for the past 14 years they had been receiving a gratuity every six months— in February and August.This gratuity is received in lieu of a pension, as was promised by former Minister of Health Gail Teixeira, according to the workers.‘’Now all of a sudden we hearing that we gon be paid after six months- after appraisal. That was never in the contract; we work for our money and we need it!’Butters said that he recently wrote a letter to the Chief Executive Officer of the hospital Gordon Gumbs, seeking confirmation on the payment of the gratuity, but has not yet got a response.The GPSU representative pointed out that the hospital management has no right to determine who gets gratuity and who does not, for nowhere in the contract was such a stipulation made.This was reiterated by most of the aggrieved workers, who were warned that if the present CEO is allowed to continue ‘in this vein’ he gon walk all over us’.One nurse vented, “Like there is no administration, cause they are telling us they are waiting on us to hear our position-our position is we want our money in August not September!”Meanwhile Administration Services Manager, Trevor Vangenderen, said that the present ‘contention’ has arisen because of what used to happen—the payment of the gratuity in February and August.Van Genderen said that according to stipulations by the Ministry of Finance employees should have completed six months then appraised and recommended for gratuity. He said that these appraisals and recommendations should be done in February and August, so that the gratuities could be paid in March and September and not February and August as was hitherto done.He said that he has however advised the staff to document their concerns, which he will forward to the ministry of Health.Vangenderen was meanwhile reportedly served with a letter late Monday, concerning the position taken by the staff, which is to sit out from today, until the Ministry addresses the situation.According to a clause in the hospital employees contract, the person engaged will be eligible, subject to satisfactory service, for a gratuity at the rate of twenty-two and one half percent of basic salary, calculated on completed periods of three months resident service, at six-month intervals.*********************************Linden hit-and-run victim identifiedThe body of a man, which was found on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway, was identified as that of 25-year-old Jim Williams of Moruca.The body was positively identified by Williams’s father yesterday.Investigators believe that Williams was the victim of a hit and run accident on Tuesday morning,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, since according to police sources, there were what appeared to be skid marks near his body.Police officials told Kaieteur News that Williams, a heavy duty machine operator was seen with three other men imbibing in alcohol at a small rum shop in the area on Monday night.According to a source,cheap jerseys, Williams left the shop with one of the men who is yet to be contacted.*********************************Ram & McRae celebrates silver JubileeOne of the many entertaining piecesRam & McRae last evening as part of the company’s 25th Silver Jubilee celebrations hosted a colourful and diverse cultural presentation at the Theatre Guild in Kingston.The performances included presentations by talented poet, Kojo McPherson,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, dances by Classique, the Nadira and Indranie Shah Dance Truope; comic Henry Rodney and the Buxton Fusion Drummers among others.The presentation also included two saxophone renditions by Christopher Ram’s children, Christoff and Christen.Established 25 years ago Ram & McRae,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, formerly Christopher L. Ram & Company, has distinguished itself in the field of professional services both in Guyana and abroad.The company’s three partners are Ram, Robert McKay and Rajesh Latchana who developed what they call an unchallenged reputation for client focus, professionalism and excellence which the company claims is the source for their rapid and continuing growth. Ram & McRae has secured a premier place in the provision of taxation services.They offer the business sector a unique set of the Consolidated Tax Laws of Guyana and several other publications including their Value-Added and Excise Tax Handbook.The company’s credo dictates that it concentrates its energies on developing creative ideas to formulating practical solutions and producing tangible results, exceeding the expectations of their clients.Ram & McRae through its affiliation with international partners, has access to worldwide resources which ensures that its clients seize the business opportunities that help them to be on the cutting edge of their industry.On Saturday as part of the anniversary celebrations, the company will announce who won the company’s first award for Annual Financial Reports

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